Secrets of the Star People

 August 1, 2016
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The Star Knowledge Conference

SIOUX_CHIEFIn the summer of 1996, native American tribal leaders, along with researchers from all over the world, met for 5 days near a Sioux reservation in South Dakota. It had been revealed in a dream of an Indian Chief that it was time to break their silence and share their hidden knowledge of the Star People, the visitors from other worlds. The Star Knowledge Conference, as it came to be known, has continued since the time it was first held, and is further evidence and support for extraterrestrial life visiting planet Earth. The importance of such conferences cannot be underestimated, as they bring together those who have knowledge of, along with those who have had exposure to extraterrestrial races – the native American Indians being no exception.

ET Origins – Secrets of the Star People

The following documentary details what was revealed during the conference, and covers issues such as:

  • Government manipulation – perception management
  • Direct experience with ET’s
  • What ET’s look like
  • Why are ET’s here?
  • The future of mankind
  • Should we be afraid?
  • Native People’s Revelations
  • Abductions or contacts?
  • Man’s origins and true history
  • A cover up of hidden history
  • Interpretation of the crop circles
  • Ancient wisdom


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