Rainforests of the World

 August 30, 2016
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Amazon JungleOur rainforests can be found in the Amazon Basin, The Congo Basin, and southeast Asia. Deforestation has become a major issue, particularly in the Amazon. Here are some facts about rainforests:

  • The rainforests of the Amazon, Congo, and southeast Asia cover 6% of the Earth’s surface. The Amazon produces 20% of the world’s oxygen
  • Rainforests are home to 30 million species, and two-thirds of the world’s plant species. There are 350 known indigenous species
  • The rainforests experience an average of 160 inches of rainfall each year
  • The Amazon rainforest covers approximately 40% of South America
  • The Amazon river is the second longest river in the world
  • 12 – 15 million hectares of forest are lost each year
  • Forest loss contributes to 12 – 17% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions
  • At the current rate of deforestation, the rest of the world’s rainforests could be gone in the next 100 years. Half of the forests have already gone
  • Rainforests are cleared for agricultural purposes, cattle ranching, logging, the building of dams, and mining
  • Large scale agriculture accounts for 20%, small scale agriculture, 20%, logging, 8%, pastures for cattle ranching, 40%, and the balance for mining and other purposes
  • Schemes are in place to slow the rate of deforestation including replanting trees, and promoting sustainable agriculture and the better planning of roads
  • Many conservation projects are now in place, for example, Brazil’s Varzea Wetlands
  • Rainforests are being managed more effectively through agroforestry, selective logging, afforestation, forest reserves, and the monitoring of deforestation.

The Amazon is rich with life, and if the forest is destroyed, habitats go with it. The following documentary by the National Geographic is titled Wild Amazon that is full of wonders:

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