An Introduction to the Purpose of Psychotherapy

 May 9, 2016
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Removing Blocks to Truth

The overall purpose of psychotherapy is to remove blocks to truth by assisting a patient to abandon their fixed delusional system by reconsidering the cause and effect relationships on which it rests. Psychotherapy, correctly understood, teaches forgiveness and helps the patient to recognize and accept it.

GuiltBelief Systems

The argument goes that anyone who needs help, regardless of the form of their distress, is attacking themselves, and their peace of mind is suffering as a result. Belief systems play a large role here, along with the identification of “self”. Concepts of “self” can cause one to attack oneself, or attack others, based on the beliefs one holds about oneself. In holding certain beliefs, one can project their beliefs onto another in an attempt to make the other feel guilty for a “wrongdoing”, and if the other accepts that their behaviour falls outside the belief system of another, may be susceptible to feelings of guilt or remorse.

Truth and Illusion

Separating truth from illusion is no easy task. What is truth? What is illusion? It can be argued that truth leads to realization, whereas illusion leads to confusion. By recognizing that truth is not an illusion of the mind, but the way the mind is released from fear through love, and not through attack, the patient is placed on the road to the healing of their mind, for in truth, the mind can be healed, and the purpose and role of the psychotherapist is to assist their patient in the healing of their mind.

There is no question of doubt that belief systems are cherished, defended, and acted upon, sometimes to the degree where an individual is willing to “sacrifice” their life because of their belief. This is seen in war, and with the action of terrorists. This is the concept of self being acted on, reacting to external forces as they demand, and helpless amidst the power of the world in which one lives.

Psychotherapy’s Aim

The aim of psychotherapy is to restore awareness to a patient that they are in control of their own decision-making processes, and that they must be willing to reverse forms of thinking that are destructive to self and others. Psychotherapy restores to one’s awareness the ability to make one’s own decisions. It seeks to teach the patient what are the results of their own projections on the world, meaning that the world the patient sees only exists within their own mind. This can result in cognitive dissonance, and the role of the psychotherapist is to assist the patient to accept that the world they perceive is a world of their own making and not the world as it is. In essence, the implication is that the world has no meaning other than the meaning given to it by each and every individual that walks the Earth.

The following talk by Dr. Leslie Carr, a registered clinical psychologist, is a good introduction to psychotherapy:

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