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 May 8, 2016
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The Inherent Nature of Consciousness

Physicist, Peter Russell, proposes that mind is more fundamental than matter in that mind is non-local. In the following documentary, Russell explores the problems science has explaining consciousness, and argues that consciousness is not created by the brain, but is inherent in all beings, and posits that the fundamental nature of reality is consciousness, noting that only one thing is certain, and this is that we are experiencing beings.

Consciousness cannot be Measured or Weighed

Russell states that we may be experiencing an illusion, but we cannot doubt we are experiencing it. By way of introduction, he explains that science has consistently ignored this in that science explores the world of things in space and time, but leaves the world of the mind and spirituality to the Church. Noting that consciousness cannot be measured or weighed, it is not possible to use normal scientific ways of looking at things to measure consciousness, leading to the corollary that there is no scientific evidence for consciousness, since no experiment has been devised to prove that someone is conscious, yet no-one denies that we are.

Science is subjective, and looks for truths which are common to all observers. Science has shown that the universe works perfectly well without any understanding of consciousness, yet without consciousness, there wouldn’t be any science. The documentary addresses such matters as:

  • What consciousness is
  • What is meant by mind
  • Why are we conscious?
  • The “Hard Problem” of consciousness
  • Scientific paradigms and metaparadigms
  • Consciousness in everything and everything in consciousness
  • Experience as an in-forming of consciousness
  • Neumons and phenomenons
  • Who we are
  • What is Self?

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