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 May 9, 2016
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The current world view, as portrayed by archaeologists, is that civilization began in Sumer, around 4500BCE, and that evidence for civilization existing prior to the last Ice Age has not been forthcoming, therefore, civilization as modern humans understand it to be, did not exist before the time of Sumer, located where modern day Iraq is. However, the fact that no evidence has been found, does not preclude there being civilizations before the last Ice Age, during periods dating back as far as 20,000 years or more. The legend, or mythology surrounding Lemuria (Mu), is that, like Atlantis, it was an ancient land that was sited in the Pacific Ocean before the last Ice Age, and occupied by a race of beings calling themselves Lemurians. They were highly evolved, and of a spiritual nature. The Lemurian culture was thriving approximately 15,000 years ago, as was the civilization in Atlantis. Each culture was different from the other. The Atlantians were more technological and materialistic in their approach to life, whereas the Lemurians lived a more simple, but spiritual life. The sages and prophets of Lemuria became aware that there would be a massive change on the Earth, referred to as the Great Flood, known about by all cultures of the world, and not just restricted to religious books and teachings.

Information Crystals

In becoming aware of what was to befall them, the Lemurians stored sacred information in crystals, dug underground tunnels and rooms, and secreted the crystals in such rooms so as to protect the knowledge the Lemurians had gained over time from the floods. The Lemurians knew how important it was to protect the sacred information for a time when the floods receded, otherwise, knowledge regarding the history of the world, along with their sacred teachings, would be lost to the world forever. Storing information in crystals has been successfully accomplished today. Jingyu Zhang, of the Southamptom University in the UK, successfully recorded a 300KB digital copy of a text file onto nanostructured glass in 5D using ultrafast and intense pulse laser. If interested in reading more about this, here is the article on it, ‘Superman’ crystals could store 360TB of data forever. It is postulated that prior to the flood, many Lemurians, but not all, lived underground where they were safe from the waters, and only emerged after the waters had receded. It is also argued by many that sacred knowledge is coveted and protected today by secret societies, and that in prior times, the Druids protected knowledge that stemmed from Atlantis, originally being protected by the Pharaohs of Egypt, and that Lemurian knowledge has been protected by people living in the Pacific region, including the Asian region. It is considered by secret societies that the knowledge is of such a high level, that it is unwise for the uninitiated to be aware of it, thus the reason for keeping it secret. Masons in the Middle Ages coded sacred information into their architecture, such as in Cathedrals and churches. The book The New View Over Atlantis by John Michell details this also in relation to the pyramid of Giza, Glastonbury Abbey, and Stonehenge. Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is encoded with secret and sacred information. Leonardo Da Vinci encoded sacred information into his paintings, such as The Last Supper, but only the initiated are aware of all this, while the uninitiated remain ignorant of the higher level teachings and principles.


While stringent attempts have been made to keep Lemurian and Atlantian knowledge secret, the knowledge has been surfacing as more and more people seek truth. Depending on one’s personal beliefs, reincarnation points to the strong possibility that many humans lived in Lemuria in times gone by, and that today, their memories of this lost civilization and their spiritual belief system is being activated in terms of spiritual and inner wisdom. The basic beliefs of the Lemurians were the belief in a higher power, love, and respect for each other, and love and respect for the Earth. There is great concern today for the future of the human race and the planet, given the way ecosystems have been utterly destroyed since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, which has given rise to the placing of short-term profits before the health of the planet, particularly in the last 100 years, or so. People are looking for more satisfactory approaches to life, along with answers that have a ring of truth about them. Taking a purely materialistic approach is proving to be destructive, whereas taking the spiritual approach is providing many individuals with solutions for a better, more fruitful, and loving life. For the Lemurians, this was their foundation – the very basic foundation of spirituality.


The Lemurians understood that in future times, the ‘flood and earthquake’ would not occur in the outside world, but within the human mind. Belief systems would crumble, particularly ego based belief systems. This is what many have referred to as the ending of a cycle, as predicted by the Mayan Long Count Calendar; the time of 21 December, 2012, which has now passed by, and where a new cycle began; one in which it has been postulated that humans will move into higher and higher states of consciousness. When the old world no longer serves the people, the people create a new world as the information of the old world breaks down, and becomes irrelevant. This has been seen in days past with the replacement of the flat Earth with a spherical one, and the replacement of Ptolemy’s geocentric theory of the solar system with the heliocentric theory released by Copernicus just before his death in 1543. Information from the East has filtered into the West in recent times, and among this information is the knowledge of the chakra centres, or internal energy centres that every human has, whether known, or unknown to them.

This energy is referred to as Kundalini, and yogis are very much aware of it. The rise of Kundalini causes one to overcome fear, greed, possessiveness, jealousy, anger, attack, and all negative emotions that plague human consciousness, and brings one to the state of self love, and by extension, love for all fellow beings. Kundalini is the seat of knowledge, and once it has risen through the seven chakras and is released through the crown chakra, enlightenment follows. In wanting to keep this knowledge secret from the general population, the mainstream religious teachings excluded it from their teachings, and many believe today that they will be saved by an outside force, known by Christians as the Second Coming, rather than ask what is required to save themselves from continued incarnation, where, as Buddha stated, attachments lead to suffering in the world of Samsara. One will never look within for truth if they believe the truth will come from outside of themselves and be bestowed upon them. The followers of religion hold to this belief regardless of whether or not there is any truth in it. There is no denying how powerful belief can be, but it is worth noting also that the Lemurians had no religion or religious beliefs; just spiritual ones.


Telepathic communication is one of those disputed phenomena where some believe it, while others don’t. The article, Telepathy by Wikipedia disputes telepathy in its entirety. Does this mean, therefore, that telepathic communication is an impossibility? Does the state of human consciousness have any bearing on telepathy? According to Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, human DNA becomes more activated as consciousness rises, and that currently, the activation level of human DNA is around 30%. See The Twelve Layers of DNA for further information on this. Channeling in itself, for the believers in it, can be regarded as a form of telepathic communication. This being said, telepathy may become more apparent as consciousness rises and DNA becomes more activated. It doesn’t necessarily follow that what is not proven today will not be proven in the future. Since the Lemurians were highly evolved, and of a high state of consciousness, the suggestion is that they were also telepathic, being able to use 16 senses, rather than the 5 senses we know about. In this way, what the Lemurians thought became their truth and creation, and they took responsibility for their thoughts, actions, and reactions. Coming from a place of heart, they manifested love, and as a result, they had the knowledge of what is referred to as unconditional love.


While there is no conclusive evidence that the Lemurian civilization existed, as with Atlantis, there are legends and myths which surround it. There is no reason why earlier civilizations could not have existed even though there is no physical evidence supporting it today. The Hindus refer to their yugas, and the time of a Golden Age. Philip Gardner, in his book, The Shining Ones leaves one with the impression that there was indeed an earlier race, or civilization of highly evolved beings on the planet, although he makes no inference to them as being Lemurians. It seems certain that sacred information has been passed down through the ages and kept secret from the public. Where such information arose from is open to debate.


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