The Journey and Destiny of Souls

 February 28, 2016
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Michael NewtonDr. Michael Newton has been a hypnotherapist for over forty years, and specifically, a Life Between Lives (LBL) therapist for more than thirty of these years. Having conducted thousands of regressions with clients, he is considered to be a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death through the use of spiritual regression, and has established the Newton Institute. He has authored three best-selling books, Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Memories of the Afterlife.

In the latter book, it is argued that as a result of the forces of reincarnation, we are all products of our past physical lives on Earth as well as our spiritual soul experiences between lives. The soul of every person on this planet retains all former karmic influences of cause and effect from many sources, and these forces impact our current feelings and behaviour. Thus, while people may appear to be functioning normally on the outside, we can have deep-seated metaphysical provocations of distress that are masked from traditional medical doctors, mental health professionals, and even from ourselves.

The skeptic may wish to argue that recounting one’s life between lives while under deep hypnosis is pure nonsense, however, Newton, through taping the sessions of many thousands of regressions with his clients, was able to collate the information into common themes and experiences in the afterlife. Such themes formed the basis of his first two books, Journey of Souls, and Destiny of Souls. The third book, Memories of the Afterlife, is a compilation of a series of case studies.

Journey-of-Souls-resizeJourney of Souls was published initially in 1994, and a fifth revised edition was published in 1996. The book covers the following topics:

  • departing this realm
  • entering the spirit realm
  • being greeted on arrival to the spirit realm
  • souls that have become displaced
  • becoming oriented to the spirit realm
  • meeting with spirit guides
  • the three soul levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced
  • the process of life selection, and choosing a body
  • the embarkation process, and rebirth



Destiny-of-Souls-resizeDestiny of Souls, published in 2000, is more comprehensive than Journey of Souls, in that there is more information on:

  • the world of spirit
  • the grieving process gone through by those experiencing the loss of a loved one
  • what earthly spirits are
  • soul energy and the restoration of spiritual energy
  • spirit settings, the various spiritual colours, and spiritual names
  • what is referred to as the Council of Elders and a soul’s meeting with the Council after death
  • soul mates, and the interaction between soul groups
  • how souls advance, and the specialized roles souls play
  • the screening room for future lives, body choices, and free will
  • the path of the soul seen from a spiritual perspective


It is interesting to note that claims have been made that human DNA holds the records of all lives experienced by any one human within what has been referred to as ‘junk DNA’. Human DNA is linked with the akashic record in a multi-dimensional manner, and while 3% of DNA forms the double helix, 27% is related to the akashic record of one’s current life, and the other 70% is related to the akashic record of all previous lives that a human has experienced through reincarnation. If this is the case, then what Newton has more than likely been able to access is the akashic records of the clients he has placed under hypnosis and regressed to the state of LBL. The books are recommended reading if one wishes to further their knowledge of the spiritual realm.

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