Heart Power – The Real Powerhouse

 May 14, 2016
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Heart Power

The electromagnetic power of the heart has been known about in the East for centuries, having been written into their texts and forming their traditions; the upshot being that in essence, we are all connected by, and function within, the one field. Western science, up until the turn of the 21st century, held the view that everything is separate from everything else, and that what happens in one place has no effect anywhere else, thus concluding that our inner experiences involving thought, feeling, emotion, and belief had no effect on the world beyond our body. Recently, studies have shown that the electromagnetic field of the heart is far stronger than the electromagnetic strength of the brain, with the heart’s electrical field being around 100 times stronger than the electrical field of the brain, and the heart’s magnetic field being a whopping 5,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain, real heart power, making the heart the powerhouse, and overturning old and out of date scientific beliefs on their head. There has always been the notion of letting the heart rule the mind, and now, such a concept makes sense in terms of the electromagnetic field of the heart, as opposed to the brain.

Heart-fieldHeart Field

Scientific research is finding that the field extends beyond our bodies into the physical world, and is being implicated in the immune response of humans throughout the planet, climate and weather patterns, cycles of war and peace, in abilities to solve problems; all of this being linked to our relationship to the magnetic field of the Earth. Every human on the planet is linked to the field, and this has become known as the language of coherence and hinges around the quality of interaction between the heart and brain.

Scientist, and best-selling author of The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden, discusses this new concept in the following documentary:

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