Quantum Consciousness – Perceiving the Effect

 April 7, 2016
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The Realm of Quantum Consciousness

Since the realisation by quantum physicists that observation influences the outcome of an experiment, it is becoming more and more accepted that the act of conscious observation is the cause of the perceived effect, and can be referred to as quantum consciousness. The double slit experiment has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the electron behaves like a wave until it is observed, whereupon, it collapses into a particle, thus revealing the impact of consciousness at the quantum level; quantum consciousness. Further research into sub-atomic structure has shown that it is energy which underlies all matter, and that this energy, is conscious energy. The following documentary – The Illusion of Reality – consciousness and quantum theory includes discussions about:

  • consciousness, creativity, and the brain
  • consciousness as the source and base of mind, the source of thought, and the source of all matter
  • matter being the result of frequency, meaning that if you amplify the frequency, the structure of matter changes
  • the holographic mind where the whole is contained within the part, and the part is contained within the whole
  • the substance of the universe being consciousness
  • fractals and chaos theory
  • how thoughts, feelings and emotions can change the field atoms are in, thereby changing the atom itself, and how this can be applied to human behaviour
  • how it is the act of consciousness that creates the building blocks the Universe is made of.

This is a thought provoking documentary, in which it is consciousness that is the primary motivator and creator of all that we perceive, think, and act upon:

Written by Alziel

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