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 May 11, 2016
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Oshiwara River

Oshiwara River – Mumbai, India

Taking care of the Planet

Helen Caldicott first released If You Love This Planet in 1992, and a revised and updated edition was released in 2009. It’s all about the planet’s ecosystems. What’s between its pages is probably more relevant today than when the book was first released, although the book acted as a big wake-up call when first released. We should ask ourselves how we relate not just to each other, but to the planet as a whole, and there are many who do. It goes without saying that if we destroy the ecosystems completely, there will be much remorse felt, for future generations will experience life in a harsh environment; one we would currently choose not to endure; the alarm bells ringing because we have been experiencing the birth pangs of it. The 6th Mass Extinction is well under way, and unless there is a reversal in climate degradation, ocean acidity, deforestation, the treatment of waste, and the manner in which energy is sourced and used, humans will find themselves standing on the edge of a cliff with no way or means of turning back the clock of time to a period where there was balance in nature.

Mother Nature

The Native American Indians, Australian Aboriginals, and other indigenous peoples of the planet, believed strongly in the Great Spirit, and Mother Nature, living their lives in a manner that respected nature and didn’t destroy it. The Industrial Revolution changed all that as Europeans (particularly the English) established themselves in far flung countries, bringing with them their style of government and economic system as it was then known. Companies sprung up all around, and today we see the results of corporate structure in monopolies, oligopolies, joint ventures, offshore ventures, and the destruction to the environment which has been caused by many of the larger companies. The world lived in today is materialistic, and profit driven. Everyone wants to make a profit on something, be it through a corporate structure, small business, or through the rise in the value of their own home, all eyes are on money and how to make it. This has led to a blinkered approach in which the health of the environment has been ignored because profit and greed has replaced it.

Population Curve

Population Curve

Addressing Thorny Issues

There are some thorny issues to address, population growth and the consequent strain on resources being on top of the pile. The world’s population has grown from 2.5 billion to over 7 billion since 1950, even though the ten year growth rate has been falling from around 20% during the period 1950-1960 to 10% during the period 2000-2010. Our level of consciousness is going to play a large role in the way this issue is resolved. While there is plenty of conspiracy theory on the Internet regarding the New World Order, the yearly secret meetings of the Bilderberg Group, or whether the Illuminati is operating through the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, or a host of other secret societies, and through its influence might bring on a situation such as targeted biological warfare in order to reduce the world’s population by as much as three-quarters, a solution championed by those in favour of Eugenics ( a nightmare for the human race), such a solution is unlikely since the disruption to the human race would be so great that the world would be plunged into a new Dark Age, or at least be set back hundreds of years. It is more likely, that theories advocating a massive reduction in the world’s population lies in the realm of conspiracy fear mongering, or with religious factions, such as the Jehovah Witness touting the end of the world is nigh, than anything else.

Wardenclyffe TowerSustainable Energy Usage

A far better solution would be learning how to sustain energy usage, and it is here that free energy comes into it. It has been theorized that Nikola Tesla figured out how to tap into the free energy of the Universe, and had the Wardenclyffe Tower built to prove it, however, his patents and the technology associated with them were subsequently buried by the likes of J.P. Morgan, and others. Quantum physicists today have concluded that in reality there is only energy, and that being said, they now know that energy pervades the whole Universe. Therefore, can it be tapped? Was it tapped by Tesla? If so, why has the use of it been kept hidden, or secret from the human race? Did the use of free energy threaten the profits of the oil and banking industries to such a degree that all patents regarding free energy have been buried, and will remain buried until fossil fuels have been used up? Will fossil fuels ever be used up? There is the theory that oil isn’t derived from fossil fuels at all, but rises naturally from the mantle into crevasses in the Earth’s crust, making the theory of peak oil a myth. Currently (March, 2016), there is so much oil available on the world’s market that the price of crude has dropped dramatically, bringing the price of petrol at the pump to below $1/litre, a situation not seen for years. Whatever the case may be, it is vital we find a balance between the population level, and resource usage. It is just as vital we reverse the damage being done to the world’s ecosystems.


Caldicott’s book addresses in detail the following:

  • ozone depletion
  • global warming
  • the politics surrounding environmental degradation
  • deforestation
  • species extinction
  • overpopulation
  • First World greed and Third World debt
  • the fate of the Earth

From time to time we hear something on the news regarding the climate, and what governments world wide plan to do about it. There is consensus, but each country generally has their own targets, and the targets vary from country to country. It is too early to tell whether the targets are sufficient to bring about a reversal to the damage that has already resulted from short-term thinking and action. Caldicott’s book is a good read, gathering much information into just one book, and is recommended reading.



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