The Cuneiform Tablets, Nibiru, and the Annunaki

 December 30, 2016
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Nibiru and the Anunnaki

It has always been a curiosity of mine as to how ancient texts are deciphered, in particular, the deciphering of the ancient cuneiform tablets. The need became more apparent when learning of Zecharia Sitchin and his books, such as The 12th Planet and The Anunnaki Chronicles. I was rather intrigued as to how Sitchin managed to translate ancient Sumerian tablets, and come up with there being a planet called Nibiru that had an elliptical orbit around our Sun, and entered our solar system once every 3.600 years, and that this planet was inhabited by what he referred to as the Anunnaki, who had come to Earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago, and eventually genetically engineered the human race, combining Anunnaki DNA with human DNA to create a hybrid human. When first encountering this story, one is left wondering as to the truth of it.

Talk of Nibiru’s imminent appearance

Not being one who is easily convinced, I put it all to the back of my mind at the time, which was over 20 years ago now. A year or two after the turn of the century, I came across the website Zetatalk, which was being run by Nancy Lieder, who claimed she had contact with the Greys from Zeta Reticuli, and that they had implanted a chip into her brain allowing the Greys to communicate with her from wherever they were in space. Lieder claimed Nibiru would appear in our skies in May, 2003, but it never appeared, and since then, she has changed her tune a number of times as to Nibiru’s appearance. Youtube documentaries abound about Nibiru’s imminent appearance, it now being argued the planet is a part of the Nemesis System. If anything, the Zetatalk site has confirmed that Nibiru is not returning at this juncture, and theorists who do advocate its imminent return are more gloom and doom fear mongering types who claim that the planet’s appearance will destroy planet Earth through cataclysm and pole shift. If this were truly the case, one should expect our history to show such cataclysmic destruction more than once in the last 7,500 years, but it seems our history doesn’t point to this. This is not to say our history is necessarily correct though. The Flood may have been the result of a close pass by of Nibiru to planet Earth around 12,000 years ago or so.

Genetic engineering of human DNA

In evaluating Darwin’s theory of evolution, it became apparent there were holes in the theory. Where were the transitional fossils for example? Darwin didn’t specifically talk about human evolution, but rather, the evolution of species. I found it particularly hard to swallow that humans had evolved from apes. It mattered not to me that chimpanzees and humans shared much of the same DNA, the fact was, there was a portion of human DNA that didn’t, and as a result, a small change led to humans, and the question became whether the difference in DNA in humans could have been introduced by an extraterrestrial race long ago, and that homo sapien sapien was a hybrid human species. This concept also sat in the back of my mind because there was no way of proving it that I knew of at the time.

The Cuneiform Tablets don’t lie

The more concrete the evidence is that I come across, the more inclined I am to accept it. In relation to the cuneiform tablets, the text on them, or images, can’t be changed, or deleted, or added to, unlike what has been the case with some parts of the Bible. The cuneiform tablets state things as they actually were, and consequently, can be relied upon as evidence for the times. Language is somewhat fascinating really, particularly in relation to root words, and the way words have been changed as time passes. Sumerian words become Akkadian words, and Hebrew words, and so on down through the ages. Linking words together which have the same meaning even though they are of different languages, allows the ancient tablets to reveal their secrets. Once one knows why one particular word also means the same thing as another word in another language, things begin to fall into place. The Sumerians spoke of the Anunnaki – those who from heaven to earth came – and of their relationship to them. The Sumerians recorded what they saw. As a result, the way they saw the Anunnaki as their gods becomes apparent, and later, as other languages developed, the names of these gods were passed down through history, eventually finding their way into the Bible, although by then, not entirely in their original form.



Written by Alziel

A being seeking and pursuing knowledge and truth

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Terry A said:

Remember, the tablets reflect “truth” as known to the ones creating them.. A person’s perception is truth to them..

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