Black Holes, Wormholes, and White Holes

 June 18, 2016
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Ptolemy's Universe

Ptolemy’s Universe

Ptolemy’s Universe

There was a time when everyone in the world believed in Ptolemy’s Universe, where the Earth was at it’s centre, and didn’t spin. As time passed, epicycles were added to Ptolemy’s theory in an attempt to explain certain anomalies. It is the same with the Big Bang Theory, and as a result of this, other explanations of the universe have been proposed; the most plausible being Plasma Cosmology. In Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, the mathematics allows for black holes, wormholes, and white holes, and because they do, physicists and cosmologists have postulated a range of theoretical situations, many of which are in the realm of science fiction, as they remain unobserved and unproven. Therefore, the question can be asked whether the physical sciences should be venturing into the realms of science fiction? In the plasma cosmology theory, there is no need for black holes, dark matter, dark energy, or what has recently been termed dark flow.

Black Holes

Black holeElectromagnetism is at the root of  plasma cosmology, and magnetism is far stronger than gravity, strong enough to hold galaxies together and keep them spinning in the manner observed. It can be unwise to take one man’s theories and apply them to everything, particularly to the unobserved. It is postulated by cosmologists that super massive black holes exist at the centre of galaxies such as our own Milky Way, but such a black hole at the centre of our galaxy has not been observed, and remains hypothetical. Black holes are argued for on the basis of massive gravitational forces, yet gravity is the weakest force in the universe. It does not necessarily follow that because mathematics allows for a certain situation, that the situation will arise. Einstein’s gravitational equations express mathematical concepts, but may not always be an expression of reality, just as the equations expressing the Big Bang are mathematical, and what they argue for has not always been observed, an example being the inflationary period.

EinsteinThe Relativity of Time

The relativity of time allows for some strange phenomena to occur. If you leave planet Earth and travel at near the speed of light for 10 years, and then return at near the speed of light, while you would have aged 20 years, the Earth you return to will be nothing like the Earth you left, but an Earth about 1,000 years in the future, relative to the time you left. Consequently, it is argued by physicists that Einstein’s equations allow one to travel into the future, but as Einstein himself said:

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

In essence, the traveller in space, travelling at near light speed, returns to Earth in the now, just a different now from the now they left, and the change in perception is referred to as having travelled into the future; an exchange of one illusion for another.


When it comes to wormholes and white holes, neither have been observed, yet it is postulated by physicists that a wormhole, if it did exist, would allow one to travel through time, that’s forwards or backwards, as well as travelling to different parts of the universe in virtually no time at all, thus making the wormhole a universal time machine. But there is much to overcome; the grandfather paradox for example, if we could travel back in time. White holes don’t suck matter in, they spew matter out, and so once again physicists have postulated that it was a white hole singularity that was responsible for the Big Bang, even though a white hole has never been observed. A white hole is a mathematical phenomena, not necessarily a physical phenomena.

White hole

Artist’s impression of jet emanating from the centre of a galaxy

Plasma Cosmology

Physicists and cosmologists imagine things such as wormholes and white holes, and believe that quasars lie at the centre of black holes, however, plasma cosmology has no need for black holes, and is able to explain quasars and the jets observed from the centre of galaxies through the laws of electromagnetism, but because this turns the Big Bang Theory on its head, it is considered fringe science, yet one can ask whether the current model, wormholes, black holes, and white holes is fringe science? It took centuries to turn Ptolemy’s theory of the universe on its head, and Copernicus didn’t release the heliocentric theory of the universe until very late in his life, fearing the repercussions of his theory if he had released it earlier. Galileo was put through the mill by the Catholic Church for proving Copernicus correct, the point being that a theory can snowball out of control and be very difficult to overturn when the so called brightest minds continue to support them, having reputations to protect.

The following documentary is about black holes, wormholes, and white holes. The idea is that you be the judge:

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  1. Artists impression of a jet emanating from the centre of a galaxy by ESO/L. CalçadaESO website



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