Billy Meier and the Pleiadians

 April 3, 2016
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Eduard Albert Meier (born 3 February, 1937) is a Swiss citizen who refers to himself as Billy. He claims to have been in contact with the Plejaren, who reside on the planet Erra, which orbits the star Taygeta (which is approximately 80 light years past Alcyone in the Pleiades star cluster), and  that these Plejaren are apparently in a dimension that is slightly behind ours. Meiers claims he was initially contacted by an elderly Plejaren named Sfath in 1942, and that this contact continued until 1953, when Sfath passed on. The contact then continued with a woman named Asket (not a Plejaren) for eleven years, after which he was contacted by a Plejaren woman, Semjase, the granddaughter of Sfath. As well as Semjase, Meiers states he has also been in contact with a Plejaren man, named Ptaah. These Plejarens (also referred to as Pleiadians) are almost identical to the human being according to Meiers. As a result of these contacts, Meiers has published 26 volumes of what are known as the Contact Reports, of which the first volume can be sourced here The Billy Meier Contacts Reports: Book 1. The discussions that Meier has had with the Plejaren are detailed and wide-ranging, and cover subjects such as spirituality and the afterlife, mainstream religion, human history, science and astronomical phenomena, ecology and environmental dangers as a result of overpopulation, as well as prophecies and predictions of future events, many of which have come to fruition.


Pleiadian craftThe claims made by Meiers are not wild ones, for they are supported by an extensive collection of photographs that include metallic discs floating above the Swiss countryside, celestial objects from a non-earthly vantage point, photos of apparent extraterrestrials, prehistoric Earth scenes, as well as scenes of a devastated future. There is also film footage, and sound recordings to support his claims. The photographs and film footage have been the subject of an extensive 5 year investigation by Wendelle C. Stevens, and his team of American analytical experts. While Stanton Friedman and Jacques Vallee dismiss the Meier case, others believe Meier’s claims to be the most researched and validated UFO case in modern history. Photographic analysis was carried out on Meier’s photographs and films in 1978 and a report on it, titled, Preliminary Photo Analysis, written by physicist, Neil M. Davis, of Design Technology in Poway, California, concluded that nothing was found to indicate a hoax.

Metal Samples

Pleiadian metal sampleMeier sent Marcel Vogel, a chemist working at IBM, samples of material that was both crystal and metallic in nature, that Meier claimed had been given to him by the Plejarens. Vogel examined the samples with an electron microscope, and reported that on touching the oxide of one of the samples with a steel probe, red streaks appeared and the oxide coating disappeared, and that another metal sample contained almost all of the elements in the periodic table, stating that each element was bonded to each of the other elements, but somehow retained its own identity, and Vogel also noted that while the sample was metal, it was also crystaline in nature, pointing out that this combination was most unusual from a metallurgical standpoint, if not unknown, and further commented that when the metal was exposed to intense light from a microscope, the metal oxidised rapidly and broke down, adding that he had never seen this before.

Wendell C. Stevens, in his book, UFO – Contact from the Pleiades notes that the investigation into the metal samples showed that they contained the elements Thulium (a rare transition element in the Lanthide series), and Rhenium, another rare metal. He also noted that these elements had missing bands in the spectrograph that should have been there if they were normal atomic spectra, implying that the elements were put together in an unusual way from normal Earth technology. He further noted that most of the samples studied showed the same un-Earthly characteristics. However, a group known as The Independent Investigation Group, disputes the claims of Vogel and those made in Wendell’s book, and as the samples have since disappeared, and no peer review process was adhered to, the matter remains debatable, as it is not possible to scientifically verify Vogel’s claims today.

Related Information

Michael E. Sella PhD, wrote an article in 2004 regarding the rumoured meeting President Eisenhower had with extraterrestrials in 1954. Here is the article: Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials. In this article, Sella states that Eisenhower’s first contact with extraterrestrials was with a race of Nordic appearance. Could this race have been the Plejaren?

Lee Carroll, who claims to channel a group entity known as Kryon, states in his book, The Twelve Layers of DNA that the Pleiadians came to planet Earth approximately 100,000 years ago, and stayed for about 50,000 years. During this time, they seeded the human race with what Kryon refers to as the Lemurian Layers of our DNA (layers 7, 8 & 9), such layers forming part of what biologists refer to as ‘junk DNA’.

If the above is correct, then the Plejarens have been here before, and it lends credence to Meier’s claims.

For those interested, the following documentary is about Meier and the Plejarens:


  1. Billy Meier – Wikipedia






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