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 March 29, 2016
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Arthur Findlay

Arthur FindalySkeptics generally have a field day when it comes to mediums, arguing that if you can’t see or touch it, it doesn’t exist, and conclude that communicating with the dead, or the spirit world, is simply bunkum, and those who believe they can, are deluded. One such skeptic, who at least started out as a skeptic, was the historian and eventual Spiritualist, Arthur Findlay. A quick read of the following article The Man and the Message about Findlay’s first experience with the direct-voice medium, John Campbell Sloan, lends some credence to the notion of one being able to communicate with relatives, and others, who have left this 3D realm.

John Sloan (1869 – 1951), was Scottish, and a packer in a warehouse as well as being a shopkeeper. He conducted seances at no charge, and didn’t conceal himself inside any cabinet, as other mediums have done. At the time, an eminent mathematician who studied three of the seances, calculated that the probability of correctly guessing all the information that came through Sloan, was 1 in 5,000,000,000,000. That’s pretty small odds that Sloan knew anything prior to the sittings, however, not proof.

It has been claimed that direct-voice mediums exude ectoplasm, and that the equivalent of chemists in the spirit world use the ectoplasm (an etheric gauze-like substance) to form a voice box which they then use to communicate with. However, there is no conclusive evidence for this, but the book Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence has photographs of the ectoplasm being exuded from the orifices of mediums, but again, it could be cheesecloth, or some other physical substance, as suggested by investigators who have studied this, and their statements about it can be found in this Wikipedia article: Ectoplasm. In the book Life After Death: Living Proof, in relation to ectoplasm, it states:

Ectoplasm is a tactile material which comes, originally, from the medium’s body, in a gaseous form, through one or more orifices, like the nostrils, ears, or as in my mother’s case, the mouth, as is clearly seen on infra-red photographs we were privileged to take in 1948.

The author of Life After Death: Living Proof, Tom Harrison, was referring to his mother, Minnie Harrison, when speaking about the ectoplasm coming from his mother’s mouth.

Arthur Findlay was convinced that spirits could communicate with those in the physical realm. He attended 19 seances with John Sloan, and wrote about each one in one of his books Where Two Worlds Meet. Regardless of what one may wish to think about mediums, ectoplasm, or communication from the beyond, the book makes for interesting reading. Findlay’s first book On The Edge Of The Etheric set the stage for what followed with his later books, all of which are interesting in their own way.



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