The Ancient Stone Ruins in South Africa And Their Meaning

 December 31, 2016
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Ancient Stone Ruins

Every now and again discoveries are made which throw recorded history into disarray. Such is the case in relation to the ancient stone ruins in South Africa. From the evidence given, it is clear these stone structures were built by the Anunnaki, Enki in particular being responsible for the main one, which has been termed Adam’s Calendar.


It is now being realized in physics that sound energy is responsible for everything, including electromagnetism and light, strange as this sounds. In 2007, scientists discovered that sound is capable of travelling faster than the speed of light, and this is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in regards to scientific discoveries. It has been found, using devices that measure sound in terms of decibels and hertz, that the stone ruins in South Africa emit sound frequencies that are simply off the charts when compared to what has previously been known and taught.

Egyptologists and Pyramids

Egyptologists argue the pyramids in Egypt, particularly the ones on the Giza plateau, were built using ramps, ropes and logs on which 20 ton cut sandstone rock was hauled into place. The Egyptians building the pyramids, it is argued, used bronze chisels with which to cut the rock to such a precision, that a razor blade cannot be fitted between adjacent rocks once they have been placed on the pyramid. The sarcophogus in Kufu’s pyramid is made of granite, and it has been shown by researchers, that the rock was drilled out of the granite block to make the space where Egyptologists argue, Kufu was laid to rest. In essence, the research is indicating far more was the actual case, and opposes the Egyptologists stories which don’t really make much sense.

Mathematical Precision

Egyptologists also argue that the mathematical precision with which the central pyramid of the Giza plateau was built, is just coincidence. The fact that the height of what is referred to as Kufu’s pyramid, and its length, are 1/43,200th the radius and circumference of the Earth respectively, is sheer coincidence to Egyptologists, let alone everything else about this particular pyramid. A shar, according to ancient Sumerian tablets = 3,600 years, and Zecharia Sitchin argued that this is also the orbital period of the planet Nibiru. Notably, the number 43,200 = 3,600 * 12, and 2,160 * 20, bringing the sexigesimal (base 60), and the decimal (base 10) together. Precession takes 25,920 years to complete one cycle, and as the zodiac has twelve astrological signs, passing through each sign takes 2,160 years. How did the Egyptians gain such knowledge of the precessional cycle? Also, the Moon has a diameter = 2,160 miles. The thing is, our history states that the Egyptians could not have had the knowledge to build such structures to such a mathematical precision, so Egyptologists argue it is all coincidence, which is clearly ridiculous, since there was obviously a knowledge of precession, as well as the the radius and circumference of the Earth, and the diameter of the Moon, let alone pi, and other mathematical formulas embedded into the pyramid, not discovered by mathematicians until the start of the 19th century.

Michael Tellinger

To those with enquiring minds, it is clear all is not what it seems. Michael Tellinger is one such individual. An archaeologist and author, he has spent many years researching the stone ruins in South Africa, and in doing so, looks as though his theories will turn history on its head, given they are eventually accepted by other researchers, archaeologists, anthropologists, and others, so that the discoveries find their way into our history books sometime in the future.

The following documentary is presented by Tellinger, and is more than fascinating, to say the least, for the stone ruins are energy centres which resonate with the sound energy emitted by planet Earth. Who built them? The Anunnaki did by the looks of things:


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