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 December 29, 2016
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The 12th Planet

When Zecharia Sitchin released his book, The 12th Planet, he introduced readers to what has become known as Nibiru, along with its inhabitants, the Anunnaki. After releasing this book, he released many more, The Anunnaki Chronicles among them. Many have latched onto Sitchin’s theories, and on quite a number of occasions over say the last 20 years, websites such as Zetatalk have stated Nibiru’s approach is imminent (Zetatalk first postulated Nibiru would appear in May, 2003), however, Nibiru has never appeared in the skies. If it did become present in the sky, it would be visible to the naked eye because of its apparent size, given by theorists as about 4 times the size of planet Earth (no observations of Nibiru by astronomers has ever been made, therefore, its size is very debatable) . In coupling the planet Nibiru with the Anunnaki, a completely different theoretical history of humanity and its origins has emerged.

Humans genetically engineered by the Anunnaki

Sitchin’s works have been criticised by other Sumerian scholars, perhaps because if Sitchin is in fact correct, our history books would need to be rewritten, and Darwin’s theory of evolution would be thrown out the door. Add to this that humans were genetically engineered into being by the Anunnaki (the Elohim(gods) in the Bible), and you have a recipe entirely different to the recipe we’ve all been taught about. One recipe is for a chocolate cake, the other for a carrot cake, with DNA a common ingredient to both, like flour.

Written human history only goes back as far as Sumer

Genesis is all very interesting in a sense, but it fails to provide a time line. How long ago did the gods create Adam, and then Eve? How long ago did the Flood take place? What was really going on around 400,000 years ago? What was going on 26,000 years ago, and then 12,000 years ago and so on? Our history books don’t tell us. Just who inhabited Atlantis, given it existed and was either covered by the Flood, or underwent a shift (Earth tilting on its axis for some reason, or there being crustal displacement, as advocated by Charles Hapgood), and is now under the ice in Antarctica? If Nibiru does exist, perhaps it passed by more closely than it usually does, causing the poles to shift around 26,000 years ago.

Different theories; different ideas

There is no direct proof that humans evolved in the manner described by evolution. Darwin didn’t actually address human evolution, but rather, described a general theory of the evolution of species, and it is a theory with plenty of problems associated with it, such as the lack of transitional fossils found. Accordingly, there is room for different theories, such as the theory of intelligent design, along with theories regarding the impact of extraterrestrials on humanity dating back hundreds of thousands of years. At this juncture, we are not in a position to know what is true, and what is not.

To this end, I have included a link to a documentary, titled, The 14 Tablets of Enki the Anunnaki, which gives an account of the last 450,000 years or so. The assumption being made is the tablets are of Sumerian origin, given the listener is not told where the tablets have come from. There is a general introduction followed by the translation of the 14 tablets. It makes for interesting listening, and provides a basis on which Genesis, and other parts of the Bible can be interpreted in a different light. Since the Youtube embed has been removed by request, you can either use this link or just type the title into Youtube.



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