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 February 26, 2016
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Not all souls have incarnated countless times. There are souls that have incarnated for the first time, and there are souls that have incarnated many, many times. Souls behave in different ways once they have incarnated, and this behaviour  is determined by previous incarnation experiences. Although once experiencing life through the human form, where the body ages as life progresses, the soul remains in one of the following five levels within the soul group it belongs to throughout the course of the incarnation:

Infant Souls


Infant souls are concerned with issues of survival. They have difficulty making sense of the world as they perceive it to be. Often living on society’s fringes, life for the infant soul tends to be simple, earthy, tribal, and mystical. Guidance from older souls assists the infant soul to determine positive actions as opposed to negative ones. Without such guidance, the infant soul may react violently to perceived threats.

Baby Souls


Baby souls prefer structure, can be dogmatic regarding their beliefs, and like to belong to organisations, such as religious ones. Baby souls tend to focus on bringing people together, and see others as being like themselves. If others act in a manner that is unexpected by the baby soul, it can cause them to become confused and upset. As the baby soul’s experience of life is rule-based, rigid, family-oriented, and structured around adhering to the rules and regulations of institutions, souls who are free of such rules and regulations are difficult for the baby soul to understand.

Young Souls


Young souls are geared for success. They wish to make an impact on the world, and look for other souls they can make an impact on. Young souls are competitive, independent, engage in win-lose situations, and pursue wealth and prosperity. They are unhappy about the natural decline of their bodies, and will go to great lengths to preserve their status and appearance. For the young soul, life is centred around them, and order is important to them.

Mature Souls


Mature souls are focused on relationships, and can be drama oriented. In delving into their inner world and through exploring relatedness, they are sensitive to other people’s emotions, and can perceive such emotions in the same way as they perceive their own. In this sense, they are subjective, with their experience of life being dramatic, emotional, soap-opera like, intimate, empathetic, and self-aware.

Old Souls


Old souls take an interest in the larger perspective, and are less interested in the materialistic nature of life. They are more detached, and see themselves and others within the larger context, and foster a “live and let live” motto. They tend to be laid back, easy going, removed from emotional intensity, spiritually minded, and can be a little lazy.

There are seven roles that each soul type can choose to play while incarnated. These roles are:

  • Server
  • Artisan
  • Warrior
  • Scholar
  • Priest
  • Sage
  • King

In choosing one of the above roles at the soul level, it serves as the blueprint for who we are, what special abilities we will possess, and how we will interact with others.

This is but a brief introduction to soul ages, and for a more in-depth analysis, visit the Michael Teachings website.





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