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 December 16, 2016
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Written History

Written history goes back no further than Sumerian times, and most people generally believe that civilization doesn’t go back further than Sumer. Not only that, but as we pass down through Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, the names of gods have changed, but are representative of the same gods. In relation to Sumer, the texts that have been recovered amount to approximately 500,000 clay tablets of which about 20% have been deciphered, the rest buried away in various museums around the globe.


Of the 20% which have been deciphered, much has been learned regarding the times and the people who lived in Sumer. Their father god was named Anu, and according to the texts, Anu, and his two sons Enlil and Enki, and his daughter Ninhursag, were of Annunaki origin, arriving on planet Earth from the far reaches of space some 400,000+ years ago. According to the texts, a time came when the Annunaki needed to enslave the human race, and did so by seeding the female of the human species with male Annunaki sperm through a form of in vitro fertilisation, and delivered the human hybrids by cesarean section. Such hybrids were intermarried, and certain blood lines were developed; such bloodlines are still in existence today. To enslave the general human population, religion and money was introduced, along with the control of knowledge. A priesthood developed in order to achieve this, passing down through Egypt, and eventually into Rome with the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Nicaea in 327AD.

Secret Societies

Secret societies formed as far back as Egyptian times, but became better known in time as the Freemasons, Illuminati, the Thule Society, Skull & Bones, and a myriad of other societies and organisations. The Freemason society has an inner and outer circle, and those in the outer circle have no real idea of what transpires within the inner circle. There are the Royal families to consider also. The control of knowledge is very much alive today, as is the control of money, and religious practice. The Christian religion dates back 2,000 years, and most Christians take no interest in what went on, religious wise, before Jesus was born, however, a story exists; one not of legend and myth.

Past Civilizations Advanced

History, as most humans have learned it, is not a completely true reflection of what has gone down over time. The legends of Atlantis and Lemuria are just that; legends, since proof of their existence is yet to be found. The Flood is not a legend though, as accounts of the Flood exist throughout the world, so there was a time when the Earth was flooded. Noah, according to the Sumerian texts (under which he went by a different name), didn’t take every animal, bird, and so on aboard the Ark, but rather, a sample of DNA of all species, implying the days of Noah represented a time when civilization was well advanced. There is far more to our ancient history than meets the eye it seems.


Pyramids adorn the planet, and they have been seen on the Moon, and on Mars. The pyramid builders must have come from somewhere with their knowledge of pyramid building. There is simply blanks in knowledge, and at times no evidence to support certain theories, although there are those who have come up with alternatives to our history, and the purpose of such structures as the Great Pyramid, Christopher Dunn being one of them. As time passes, more is being revealed about our ancient past, and it seems the truth just might be a little stranger than fiction.

In the following documentary, Jim Marrs discusses the hidden history of the human race:

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