The Illusion of Reality – Universe a Hologram

 April 7, 2016
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Nature of Hologram

Late last century, Michael Talbot released his book, the Holographic Universe, in which he posited that the brain was holographic in nature, and that the Universe was a hologram. The nature of a hologram is that the whole contains the part and the part contains the whole, and that through conscious observation, humans create their reality, however, the reality created is illusory, and dwells in the belief system of the individual. There is merit in the argument that consciousness pervades all dimensions, or what physicists refer to as parallel universes, arguing that humans consciously occupy a range of parallel universes as a result of their multi-dimensional nature.

Forming Beliefs

A parallel universe need not be thought of as another 3D universe existing along side this one, and occupying a separate space-time continuum, but can be thought of as non-physical where the flow of time is not apparent. In being physical, humans come to form beliefs about what the five senses of the body receive in the form of data by turning the data impulses received by the brain into information in which there is a perceived meaning. Light is an electromagnetic impulse which the brain constructs into an image, and meaning is given to the image. When one sees the image of a horse, for example, the image is given meaning from memory, and thought about the image of horse informs us that it is an animal which we can ride on the back of, and use for transport.

Conscious Evolution

Discoveries are being made in quantum physics in relation to consciousness that weren’t even being thought about fifty years ago. Isaac Newton thought of the universe as a giant mechanical clock. The idea that consciousness creates what we perceive through a holographic means is new and innovative, and has come from the experiments carried out by quantum physicists. This being the case, we are not subject to random forces, but rather, in control of desired outcomes. If, as it seems, we are experiencing some kind of holographic dream state in which we are conscious of the dream, interact with it, and able to bring about desired outcomes that ensure the survival of the human race, then this is the conscious path humans should follow, as it leads to conscious evolution.

The following documentary is worth watching as it explores our notions of what reality is:


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