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 April 7, 2016
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All is One

At the macroscopic level, the Universe is perceived in a manner where everything and everyone is seen as being separate. Humans believe they are unique and don’t tend to think they are united at the conscious level. However, at the sub-atomic level, things are not the same, and the latest thinking in quantum physics suggests that consciousness is the underlying intelligent field that gives rise to all thought and the creation of all matter, being the very source of all existence. Such thinking has ushered in a new vista whereupon the foundation of the Universe is seen as a single field of intelligence that unites gravity with electro-magnetism; with radioactivity and with the nuclear force, in such a way that all the forces of nature and all the so called particles, quarks, leptons, protons, and neutrons, are now understood to be one.

The following documentary features Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin, Ph.D in Physics and Consciousness. In it, Hagelin discusses the latest concepts in relation to consciousness, and includes:

  • a single universal field of intelligence being the foundation of the Universe
  • a discussion on how all particles are just ripples on a single ocean of existence that is called the unified field, or superstring field
  • discussing how the superstring field theory identifies a single unified field of intelligence, an ocean of existence at the basis of everything, mind and matter
  • the understanding that as a non-material field, the unified field is ultimately the field of consciousness
  • the understanding that planets, trees, people and animals are all just waves of vibration of the underlying superstring field
  • the understanding that as humans, we are not separate, but united with each other at the core of our being, even though we individualize our consciousness through the filter of our nervous system.

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Val Uchendu said:

Love this video. Recently, I had an enlightenment that left me with questions-Dreamlike revelations. Since then, I have been reading Einstein’s work on quantum mechanics and relativity theory for clarity. Your video has helped me bring clarity. I’ll appreciate any resource you cam suggest. I’m working on a book. Hope to hear from you soon. Email is
Thank you.

Val Uchendu said:

I’m a fan of the secret. Have seen the movie over and over. I’m currently working with Jack Canfield- Training the trainer program. I have recently started a motivational book with my life experience but recently tapped into a consciousness that has helped define the book. However, it left me with a theme that I will love to integrate into the book. Quantum physics and it relationship to collective consciousness. So please help me with a transcript of this video “time to wake up-we are one.” And any article or literature you can advise me to look into. Thank you. I’m a fan.

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