The Plasma Universe – A New Model of the Universe

 April 5, 2016
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Changing Beliefs

It was once believed the Earth was flat (still believed by some), and at the centre of the Universe. Then, Earth was found to be spherical and orbiting the Sun. It was believed just a century ago that the Milky Way was the only galaxy until it was found that it wasn’t, but rather one of billions of galaxies floating in space without end. Astronomers and cosmologists think they have it all figured out until they stumble upon another piece of the puzzle; a puzzle with many pieces. The Big Bang Theory has dominated cosmological thinking now since the 1960’s, however, it is fraught with problems, whereas a new theory suggests we are in fact, within a Plasma Universe.

It came to be believed by the early 20th century that gravity alone held the universe together, until a force was discovered that was billions of times more powerful than gravity. Until recently, space was believed to be empty, however, it is now known that space is teeming with charged particles in which glowing electric filaments span millions of light years, along with stellar and galactic shaped formations shaped by magnetic fields. It is known that only electric currents create magnetic fields. Consequently, conclusions are being arrived at where the predominant force in the universe is not gravity, but electromagnetism.

The Electric Model

Plasma nebulaCurrent theories of the universe are unable to explain or predict the phenomena which has now been observed, and as a result, a new theory is being proposed; a theory which can both explain and predict the data being received from deep space. The implications are profound, and affect all the scientific disciplines in that the new theory synthesises the disciplines; a synthesis which has already led to discoveries that link modern astronomy, leading edge plasma physics, and ancient mythology. The electric model of the universe offers new interpretations of how the universe works, along with the history of our solar system, and even human history.

The following documentary covers:

  • myth and science
  • plasma – the fundamental state of matter
  • the scalable nature of plasma
  • cosmology and the mathematics of cosmology
  • electricity in space
  • relativity and quantum physics
  • magnetic fields
  • black holes
  • pulsars
  • magnetic force versus gravitational force
  • the electric model of the Sun, sunspots, and the solar wind
  • comets and electromagnetic forces


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