The Future of Energy

 September 22, 2016
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The following documentary opens with this in relation to the future of energy:

We are in a race. The race is against time. We have to build cities – we need them, but we have to make them in a different way. We need innovation for not just our way of life, but also for the planet. The consequences will be enormous if we lose this battle.

We are looking at the year 2050, where the world’s population has increased to 9 billion. People live in vast megacities and energy demand has doubled. Will we adapt? How will we fuel the future? Currently, there are around 1 billion cars on the road. By 2050, this number will have doubled, placing an enormous demand on the planet for energy, because fuel consumption will triple. If we continue to burn fossil fuels, and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, there will be changes to the climate we may never recover from. The situation is dire, so what is being done?

The documentary is about this state of affairs, and addresses ways of fueling the future, automating driving, and living in sustainable cities, such as Masdar in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates:

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