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 May 12, 2016
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Hospital in China uses Chi Kung to Heal Cancer

Western doctors deal with cancers by exposing the patient to chemotherapy, and by subjecting patients to surgery where an attempt to remove the cancer in its entirety is made, but not always successful. A hospital in China adopts an entirely different approach. Medicine is not used, but a form of Chi that involves the use of tonal sound and an alignment of heart centred mind power between the healers and the patient that causes the cancer to vanish within minutes. Western hospitals no nothing about this way of curing cancer.

Gregg Braden, the New York Times best selling author of The Turning Point, Fractal Time, and The Divine Matrix, and a 2016 nominee for the prestigious Templeton Award, speaks to an audience in the following documentary about how our heart field connects us with each other, and how this field can be aligned in ways unknown by western science. In the documentary, he presents the video taken at the Medicineless Hospital in China, where three healers heal a woman of bladder cancer in less than 3 minutes (there is footage of the ultra sound showing the tumour disappear), and then goes on to discuss this heart field, and brings to light scientific evidence that the field exists:

The West is catching up in some ways. The HeartMath Institute is a non-profit organisation which has done research into stress, and offers programs for stress relief based on heart felt emotions and techniques. The power of the mind ruled by the heart needs to be better understood if, as seen in the documentary, such power can heal cancer. There is the notion ( a causal one) that all illness first manifests in the mind before it becomes physical, therefore, healing the mind, heals the physical as well.


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