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    However, the cpu in 2K doesn’t seem to make as many questionable moves as in the series franchise or rtts, As an instance in one season, the braves flipped fried along with NBA 2K21 Mt a prospect for morton at the beginning of the year, then before the deadline whilst holding a wild card spot and competing to the branch, decided to ditch morton and soroka for little return, ive never noticed any similar moves like that in at least 50 franchises on 2K So yes there is more to control and do in mlb the show which can make it even more enjoyable, but it demonstrates SDS put way more time into their money making mode than franchise or RTTS.

    IMO transactions in franchise are broken. By Way of Example, last year I exchanged Starling Marte, Mitch Keller, and Cole Tucker for Mike Trout. A player past his prime and two men you have never heard of to find the very best baseball player in 100 decades. Additionally, there is a lot of depth in the owner mode for 2K. You get to employ you own staff (Yes you can at The Show too ), but you can have conversations with these people and they will provide you advice on who to scout, draft, etc.. It is also possible to have interviews and discussions with free agents before they are drafted by you.

    Players have a sin and it goes down if they don’t perform or get playing time, however, you can talk to your players and try to cheer them up. 2K also shows networking’s which is an wonderful thing in itself. It has so much more depth than The Show.Like I said in another comment 2K has the advantage of a studio 10x the size of SDS to operate on this material but Franchise isn’t quite as bad. If you don’t like unrealistic transactions then don’t make them. Each of the 2K stuff you mention is more fluff than stuff.

    It might be considered fluff but it makes the experience better. If I did like playing The Show OOTP and I’d be enjoying. It blows my mind why people mimic franchise seasons. That sounds mind. On the topic of fluff, the RTTS encounter of The Show is barebones. It is difficult to explain it without using 1000 + personalities but I promise if every The Show player spent time playing with MyCareer on 2K17.Same here buddy. As a 34 year old, I’d no notion younger folks took video games so fucking seriously. I guess its due to the rise of e-sports or since they always had gaming, but goddamn these children treat playing with some of these games such as something or its a task. I love reminding salty butt kids that if they had been matched with me, they have 0 chance of going pro and buy mt nba 2k21 the countless hours they’ve put in have resorted to nothing.E-Sports were something when we were teens also. FATAL1TY was the very first e-sports celebrity throughout his Quake winnings. Not as large as it is now but it’s been happening because the least the mid 90s.

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