The Blue Skinned Race called Andromedans

 January 17, 2017
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There are certain humans on planet Earth who claim to have had extraordinary experiences. Gary Renard, who wrote The Disappearance of the Universe, comes to mind. Early in the book, Renard states he went into his living room one day to find two beings sitting on his couch who he came to know as Arten and Pursah. These beings said they were ascended masters from Renard’s future. For the next seven years they appeared from time to time, giving Renard a discourse on the universe, the secrets of existence, and the miracle of forgiveness. Glenda Green, who wrote Love Without End – Jesus Speaks, opened her book by stating Jesus appeared to her, explaining how and why. So, when I watched the documentary titled, Why So Many Alien Races Visit Earth, I was not surprised to hear the speaker, Alex Collyer, state that when just eight years old, he found himself inside an extraterrestrial craft lying on a table, with two beings standing beside him. He came to learn these beings referred to themselves as Andromedans. They were not from the Andromeda Galaxy, but originated from the Lyran Constellation in our galaxy, and were travellers of the universe. Collyer stated they had light blue skin, and a human appearance similar to ourselves. As time passed, Collyer met with these two Andromedans on a number of occasions, and in later years, came to believe that the messages they had given him were far too important to sit on, so he has spent many years speaking at conferences about it, and the documentary below is one of them he held in Japan.

Although a natural skeptic, I do believe we are not alone, as the evidence pointing towards it is becoming somewhat overwhelming. UFO’s have been seen in our skies on numerous occasions by hundreds, if not thousands of witnesses. The Sumerian clay tablets speak of the Anunnaki, who from heaven to earth came. Billy Meier states he has been in contact with the Pleiadians since he was five. It has been mooted that President Dwight Eisenhower signed a treaty with the Tall Whites in 1954. Most people have now heard about the Greys, and David Icke speaks of the Reptilians, so based on the law of probability that takes into account the number of galaxies in the known universe, the number of stars in a galaxy, the average number of planets orbiting such stars, and the potential for one of them to be inhabited with intelligent life, makes the notion we have been visited in the past, and are being visited now by extraterrestrial races, a bit hard to ignore, so watched the documentary, and was glad I did.

About a third of the way through the documentary, Collyer stated that the currency for Andromedans, along with many other extraterrestrial races, was consciousness, rather than money, and that he, Collyer, when an adult and a practising accountant, was asked by one of the Andromedans why we paid to live on the planet, it caught my full attention because these were two issues close to my heart. For me, consciousness is key to all things, underlying the fabric of the universe, and responsible for the creation of matter. I had recently been tweeting about money, asking questions like: Why do we have to pay to eat? Why do we have to pay to see this beautiful planet? Why do have to pay for healthcare and education? I had indeed asked myself why was I born onto a planet where I had to pay to live? Consequently, in hearing Collyer state something so similar to my own thoughts, I was glued to the documentary. In the end, it is always the message that matters, not who the messenger is.

Sometimes, it is best just to let a documentary speak for itself. Here it is:



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