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 November 4, 2016
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The Need for Information

internetWith the advent of the internet, information has become available that in days gone by remained hidden from the public. As we move further into the 21st century, more and more people are accessing information and becoming wiser about the way the world is being run; thus are awakening to truth. Today, many people realise that the media is controlled by a handful of media barons who influence the information released to the public. Reporting bias is prevalent, and every attempt is made to control thinking through the news outlets, and movies produced in Hollywood. This is but one aspect of the means used by the elite to implement their plans for an oppressive New World Order.

Fear and Control

police-brutality1Fear is generated on various levels, causing unease among the people. Terrorism is one such example, but the cause of terrorism remains a mute point, given the CIA funded the mujahideen, which evolved into Al-Qaeda, which later evolved into ISIS. Police brutality is another example where fear is generated through the use of blind force. The push is on to disarm the people so as to make them impotent. Add to this the shackling of the people in debt that takes a lifetime to pay off, just so they can say they own their home, and will have a place in which to live when they grow old. Cause insecurity and scarcity, so that the people will forever be chained to banks and corporations. Let the people vote once every 4 years so as to give them the sense of having a say in the direction their country takes. All of it some sort of illusion, or nightmare.


The Prevalence of Violence

war-gamesTelevision dramas and movies are filled with violence, as are computer games, in which war and/or violence is a strong theme. Constant exposure to violence, be it in the news, in movies, in dramas, or computer games, assaults the senses, and leaves one with the impression that the world is violent, and will always be violent, because the nature of humans is to be violent, rather than loving, caring, compassionate, kind, and helpful. In the book, A Course in Miracles, it states: Teach peace to learn it. What we teach is not peace, but violence, and thus we find ourselves living in a violent world, leaving us believing violence is the norm, and will always be the norm. The people are never asked if they wish to go to war; they are simply told their country is at war by their government, and before too much time has passed, millions of young lives are lost. This alone, is a diabolical state of affairs.


monsanto2We no longer know what is in our food, our young children are vaccinated with vaccines that contain thimerosal, an organomercury compound. Our water is fluoridated, which has the effect of calcifying the pineal gland, thus preventing access to higher dimensional realms, and spiritual truths. Our education system is designed to dumb down learning, and the taking of psychedelic drugs is illegal. In short, humans are tunnelled to think in certain ways, and truth takes a backseat. Freedom, and the pursuit of free will is an illusion. We are free to abide by the laws of the country we live in, but not free to break laws, and if we do, are sentenced by the courts of the land, paying either a fine, or being sent to prison. Governments make laws, many of them remaining obscure or unknown by the general population, who only find out there is a law in relation to some aspect of life if they trip over it. Most laws are written in legal jargon which virtually make them impossible to understand by the lay person.


The World of Systems

We live in a world of hierarchical systems covering economics, finance, banking, religion, education, law, politics, government, corporations, media, and all these systems are closed, rather than open systems. The systems are not open to change, and are often oppressive in the way they function. All of the systems are linked together, and we have a choice of living within the systems, or being thrown by the wayside. Many are thrown by the wayside as they fall through the cracks in the system, being left to fend for themselves. The systems themselves leave much to be desired, for if this were not so, there would be no poverty in the world, and no misery and suffering in the world.





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